Architect of Tax-Advantaged Wealth Strategie

G. A. "Jeri" Schuhmann,  CLU, ChFC,
Certified Estate Planner

G. A. "Jeri" Schuhmann, a long-time resident of Washington, is the founder and President of

OLYMPIC Estate Group, LLC (OEG).

Jeri really enjoys relationships with exclusive Advisory clients, enabling them to focus on the other important issues of their lives. "Pay Yourself First," is the motto she instills with her Advisory clients, in a plan to "Keep the Control in Their Hands."

OEG clients know from personal experience that a well designed Estate Plan is the foundation of a successful financial plan. This site is designed to provide frequently updated economic articles, newsletters, current statistics, tax information and other estate and financial planning resources.

Our programs emphasize tax-advantaged wealth strategies for:   

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Allocation Management
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Map Making of Family Wealth

An initial meeting will help us both determine whether we might be a good fit for each other.  Please call to discuss:  206-799-0544